One-Stop Liquidity Protocol for NFTs

Pledge your NFTs to get extra liquidity or Get a loan to buy your favorite NFTs. Register through our discord to get early access.

What is Zumer Protocol?

Zumer Protocol is a non-custodial liquidity protocol with a novel credit and liquidity risk management mechanism to allow permissionless loan origination for NFT assets by segregating different risks to different liquidity providers.

Safety All Around

Our novel risk management mechansim allows pincipal protection for lenders. Additionally, our liquidation insurance also offers protection for NFT owners to avoid losing their ownerships amid absurd market conditions.

Smart & Fast

Zumer is partnering with an oracle provider to apply a decentralized price feed for NFTs to the protocol. With that, Zumer is able to price NFTs based on a set of rules written into the smart contract and lend out loans permissionlessly.

Extreme Flexibility

Zumer has an Uniswap-like feature that allow any Metaverse (collectibles, GameFi and etc.) projects to create their own financing pool to either boost the liquidity of their projects or offer the BNPL option to potential buyers.

The first community-driven Metaverse Bank

Zumer aims to be the new standard for DeFi protocols that focus on offering liquidity to the NFT market, creating a fully decentralized financial system for the Metaverse assets. Our end goal is to let everyone be the central banker, banker, investment banker of the Zumer eco-system, allowing them to determine interest rates, perform QE/QT, and underwrite credit risks. #WAGMI

The story of how we got started

Zumer was started by two guys with a similar vision. Our story started 3 years ago...

Q3 2019
Two of the co-founders, Sy and Mike, met in Cambridge when they were studying their MBA degree at MIT. Sy is a hardcore gamer with a wall street background while Mike has a PhD in Art and History.
Q4 2021
Mike was hired as the Head of Research of a NFT project and recruited Sy to be the token economist. They were debating how to add more financial values to the NFT market and published a thought piece on CoinDesk.
Q1 2022
Inspired by the thought piece, Sy and Mike believed the NFT financialization will be a mega trend in the next 3-5 years. They formed the initial founding team with two degen tech co-founders from Harvard and Cornell.
Q2 2022
The team closed a small pre-seed round from a few reputable crypto VCs including Outlier Ventures. The team also got accepted to Binance Chain's incubation program🎉. The ALPHA launch is expected to be around the end of June.
Q3 2022
Partnership Announcements + BETA Launch on the Ethereum Testnet
Q4 2022
Mainnet Launch
Protocol's NFT Drop - Zumerland NFTs
Multichain Support and Secondary Debt Market DEX for Financial NFTs


What does Zumer mean?

Sumer is considered to be the first urban civilization that invented consumer loans and the credit system. Zumer is the Metaverse version of Sumer (Z is the mirror image of S), redefining, buidling and governing the financial system for the Metaverse assets.

Zumer pronounces like "Zoomer", meaning the new era of financial innovation would be ruled by the new generation, aka Zoomers.

How can I get whitelisted?

Whitelisting to join the ALPHA test is now done. BETA test for the public will start on 26th Sept 2022.

Interested parties could learn more about the whitelisting process through our Discord.

When is the launch?

The BETA launch on the Testnet will start on 26th Sept 2022 with full functions.

Only whitelisted individuals would be able to access to the BETA testing. Full launch has started in Jan 2023.

Who is building the Zumer Protocol?

Zumer is powered by Sumeria Labs, a team from MIT, Harvard and Cornell with a good mix of TradFi, DeFi, Art and NFT investment experience from companies and projects like JP Morgan, Barclays,

Goldman Sachs, Abra, Aave, etc. Sumeria Labs aims to re-define the way that Metaverse natives manage their NFT assets.

Which chain is Zumer built on?

Zumer will be live on Ethereum first. Polygon is the next chain to build on. Zumer could be deployed to all EVM compatible chains.

The project team will explore other L2 solutions to lower the transaction cost for borrowers.

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