One-Stop Liquidity Protocol for NFTs

Pledge your NFTs to get extra liquidity or Get a loan to buy your favorite NFTs. Register through our discord to get early access.

What is Zumer Protocol?

Zumer Protocol is a non-custodial liquidity protocol with a novel credit and liquidity risk management mechanism to allow permissionless loan origination for NFT assets by segregating different risks to different liquidity providers.

Safety All Around

Our novel risk management mechansim allows pincipal protection for lenders. Additionally, our liquidation insurance also offers protection for NFT owners to avoid losing their ownerships amid absurd market conditions.

Smart & Fast

Zumer is partnering with an oracle provider to apply a decentralized price feed for NFTs to the protocol. With that, Zumer is able to price NFTs based on a set of rules written into the smart contract and lend out loans permissionlessly.

Extreme Flexibility

Zumer has an Uniswap-like feature that allow any Metaverse (collectibles, GameFi and etc.) projects to create their own financing pool to either boost the liquidity of their projects or offer the BNPL option to potential buyers.

The first community-driven Metaverse Bank

Zumer aims to be the new standard for DeFi protocols that focus on offering liquidity to the NFT market, creating a fully decentralized financial system for the Metaverse assets. Our end goal is to let everyone be the central banker, banker, investment banker of the Zumer eco-system, allowing them to determine interest rates, perform QE/QT, and underwrite credit risks. #WAGMI

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